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Because42 Custom Kicks

Custom Vans and Converse

About Us

Because42 Custom Kicks is an Etsy shop featuring hand-painted shoes and other insane nonsense. We tend to specialize in geek-themed creations because that's what we love, but all art and ideas are welcome. You can browse existing designs on our Etsy page or if you've got a specific idea in mind you can contact us and we can create a custom order. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Bad Wolf Converse Gryffindor Converse

Find us on Etsy

Currently, all orders are processed through our Etsy shop. You can order various styles or suggest a custom order. All shoes are hand-painted and custom designed, and as such there may be small variations in the final product. All shoes are sprayed with an acrylic sealant to protect them and hold up very well during normal wear. We suggest spot cleaning with a damp cloth when needed.

Upon ordering, please specify the size and style of shoe (generic Vans style, Vans, Converse, or other canvas-based shoes) that you are interested in. We can do men, women, and children's sizes, though the availability of design may vary based on the size of the shoes.

Iron Man shoes Harry Potter Marauder's Map shoes

Requesting a Custom Order

In addition to the designs on my Etsy shop, you may also request custom orders. You are welcome to come up with your own designs or have me design something for you. Upon request, I can do concept art to give you an idea of what the shoes will look like prior to painting. You can message me through Etsy to begin this process and I will set up a custom listing for purchase. Custom orders are available in mens, womens, and children's sizes, though specific sizes may vary by style of shoe. Half sizes are only available in Vans and Converse. You can also purchase the shoes to be painted and send them to me if sizing is a problem or if you are interested in additional styles such as flats or heels.

Wonder Woman shoes Invader Zim Gir shoes